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Guangzhou Yello Packaging Co., Ltd is leading cosmetic tube packaging manufacturer since 2004. We manufacture high quality PE plastic tubes, ABL cosmetic tubes, PBL cosmetic tubes , aluminum cosmetic tubes. Support OEM custom service: custom color, logo printing, diameter, lenghth and so on. All products from raw materials to finished products, every process, including "make tube, stigma, silk-screen printing, hot stamping, sealing, inspection" are strictly in accordance with the standard control, to ensure quality.
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The Popular Transparent Cosmetic Tube In The Market
The transparent cosmetic tube packaging plays the important role in the cosmetic packaging for gel and ointments.
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Cosmetic Plastic Squeeze Tubes
Cosmetic plastic tube uses common squeezing technology to squeeze different performance and types of raw materials together to form at one time.
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Comprehensive Inspection Standards For Cosmetics Tube Packaging
The quality of the cosmetic packaging directly determines the product brand image. Guangzhou Yello Packaging is targeted at the needs and standards of packaging products of different cosmetic packaging.
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