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Production Process

1. Extruding

The diameter, length of the cosmetic squeeze tube can be customized, we according to customers' requirements to extrude the corresponding diameter and length of the tube.
We can make 2-layers and 5-layers PE tube, ABL tube, PBL tube. 

2. Heading

According to the customer's matching cap, heading the corresponding shoulde.

3. Offset printing / Silk screen printing

1)  Offset printing-1-6 color screen printing, according to customer requirements, determine the gloss and matte effect

2) Screen printing

4. Hot Stamping

5. Holing / Foil sealing / Cap assembling ( or Sealing )

It according to customers' requirement: choose to seal or not, if don't seal, so we will assemble the cap, if need seal, so don't need assemble the cap.

6. final inspection

Completion of inspection-inspection of product quality. Ensure 100% factory quality.

7. Packaging

According to the customer's packaging requirements, packaging and leaving the factory. 

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