Comprehensive Inspection Standards For Cosmetics Tube Packaging
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Comprehensive Inspection Standards For Cosmetics Tube Packaging

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Update time : 2023-11-03 19:01:51
Cosmetics packaging are divided into inner packaging and outsourcing, and can also be divided into soft packaging and hard packaging. The quality of the cosmetic packaging directly determines the product brand image. Guangzhou Yello Packaging is targeted at the needs and standards of packaging products of different cosmetic packaging. Basic quality requirements for reference:

Fancy airless pump tube
The Inspection Standard For Cosmetics Tube Packaging
The tube body of the cosmetic tube should be smooth, neat, thick and uniform, without obvious scratches, and the color should be uniform. The tube seal should be firm and positive, and there should be no opening and wrinkles (except for the normal indentation of the mold). The composite membrane of the tube should not float.
1. The cosmetic tube is divided into single -layer, double, and five -layer tubes, which are different in terms of anti -pressure, anti -penetration, and feel. Block layer. Features: It has excellent gas blocking performance, can effectively prevent the penetration of oxygen and odor gas, while preventing the exudation of the aroma and effective ingredients of the content.
2. The double -layer tube is more commonly used. It is also a single layer that can also be used in the low -end. The diameter of the tube is 13#-60#various calibers. When the tubes of a certain caliber are selected, the different capacity characteristics are marked with different lengths. , Capacity 3ml -360ml can be adjusted. For aesthetic coordination, the caliber below 35#is commonly used below 60ml. 100ml and 150ml usually use 35#— 45#caliber, and a caliber of more than 45#or more above 150ml.
3. It is divided into round tubes, ellipse tubes, flat tubes, and ultra -flat pipes. Flat -shaped pipes and ultra -flat pipes are more complicated than other pipe crafts. It is also a new type of tube produced in recent years, so the price is more expensive.
4. The shape of the tube cover is diverse. Generally, it is divided into flat head cover, round head cover, high cover, lid, super flat lid, double layer cover, spherical cover, lipstick cover, and plastic lid can also be treated in multiple craftsmanship, bronzing Silver, silver edge, colored lid, transparent, fuel injection, plating, etc., pointed mouth and lipstick cover are usually equipped with inner plugs. The tube cover is an injection molding, and the tube is a tube. Most of the tube manufacturers do not produce the tube cover itself.
5. Some products need to be infused before the tail is sealed. The tail is large as large as: straight -line sealing tail, oblique tail seal, umbrella -shaped tail, star sealing tail, and alien tail. Print the required date code at the tail. But there may be a problem of color difference.
6. The tube can be used as a non -color tube, transparent tube, non -ferrous or transparent scrub, pearly tube, and there is matte and light. The matte seems elegant but dirty. Judging from the incision at the tail, the incision is white for a large -scale printing tube, and the ink used is high. Otherwise, it will be easy to fall off and folds out and crack and expose white marks.
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