Cosmetic Tube Printing Skills
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Cosmetic Tube Printing Skills

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Update time : 2023-09-15 18:04:17
Flexible Cosmetic Tube Printing is a printing method on metal cosmetic tubes (tin lead alloys, couples, etc.), layered cosmetic tube, plastic cosmetic tube, etc.

soft Sugarcane Cosmetic Tube
Metal cosmetics tube printing is printed with the principle of indirect rubber roller rolling in graphic.
The current use of toothpaste tubes in China is made of assembly lines, entering the octopus of tin and lead raw materials, and the tin and lead raw materials are entered. Finally packed the packing.
The printing version of cosmetics tube printing is usually a copper version, because the copper version has high resistance, and the version of the version is the same as the ordinary copper -zinc version.
Cosmetic tube printing machines are mainly composed of printing rollers, rubber rollers, pipes with soft pipes, conveyor agencies, and ink fights.
Because the printing of cosmetics tube is a non -ferrous metal, it must be printed with a layer of white ink or other background inks before printing the graphic and text). You need to make the ink quickly dry. Only in order to print a few colors, so the sealing color is dry and printed with the drying device of the infrared rays, as shown in Figure 6-12. The charter work of graphic and text is not implemented on the paper like the traditional printing village, but the seal on the three printed rolled drums. Do not overlap), and then transfer the three -color ink marks to the tube on the pressure roller once. The pressure printing roller on the roller plate has a tube, but it will not rotate itself. Only after contacting the rubber roller can it be rotated with the rubber roller in the same way. , But differently, the rubber roller is turned around for one week, the printed drum is 90 °, and the printing of a tube is completed.
After a week of rotation of cosmetics tubes, the cover of the rubber roller and the printed work of tube printing came to an end, and then irradiated with infrared rays to quickly dry and increase the brightness of the printed traces.
Toothpaste tubes, tube shoe oil and medical ointment tubes are printed in this method.
Ink printing ink for metal tube printing should be in addition to heat resistance and optical resistance, and because the tube will encounter squeezing and twists and turns when using the tube, and water and humidity are often encountered, the ink should also meet the above conditions. The ink must also be able to resist the erosion of these substances.
The layered tube is the respective advantages of the two substances of the angle. The mounting synthetic tube makes it tube with the advantages of the two. If the layer tube of the aluminum foil and the plastic film Advantages, you can print first and then make the graphic in the plastic membrane layer. The appearance is very beautiful. At the same time, it can be printed and then processed for molding, changing the method of first forming and then curved printing. For plastic printing, the coincidence and formation of the layers will become a tube.
Cosmetic tube printing is very poor due to the ink adhesion of plastic inks, and it needs to be printed after surface treatment. At present, the hot pressure transfer method is used abroad, and the graphic is printed on the transfer paper (that is, coated cowhide paper). The color order is the opposite color order of color printing. It can produce adhesive substances, and then contact the curved paper with graphic and text, and transfer it under the heat pressure.

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