High-End Cosmetic Packaging Production - Manuscript Inspection
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High-End Cosmetic Packaging Production - Manuscript Inspection

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Update time : 2023-03-10 11:14:25
Cosmetic categories are rich in categories, and there are many types of cosmetic packaging. Most cosmetic packaging requires printing exquisite patterns or necessary text descriptions, such as cosmetic tube, cosmetic bottle, cosmetic jar, etc. To make a high -end cosmetic packaging, you must check the manuscript. The manuscript must not be wrong. If you have any problems with the manuscript, you may not be done if you have any problems. So when you get the manuscript, you must check the following points:

cosmetic squeeze tubes with flip top cap
1. The file must be editable AI or the same file. You need to transfer curves or text packages and link pictures, preferably PDF files together. It is convenient for non -document design related personnel. Those who do not have software such as AI can be opened and checked.
2. Determine the correct size and the text and patterns to be printed in the print area, that is, in line with the printing area diagram. Otherwise, in the process of production or proofing, you will encounter technical problems or cause many defects. For example, if the printing distance from the squeezing hose to the shoulder is 5mm, but the document design is less than this distance, which may cause shoulder printing ink scams or text patterns incomplete after the shoulder injection.
3. Print color does not exceed the maximum number of machine printing. If the printing machine can only be printed with five colors, but the design of the document has exceeded the five colors, then the ability of the device can be exceeded and cannot be achieved. The design needs to be changed.
4. The size of the cursor is correct, and the color is easy to read. Different filling equipment have different requirements for the size of the cursor, and the color of the cursor is generally black or blue.
5. The size and position of the barcode meet the requirements. If it is the finished product that is ultimately used in large goods, it must have barcodes and correct. The size of the barcode must meet the regulations to ensure that the scanning results can meet the requirements of the requirements.
6. The position of the batch number meets the requirements, and the size is large enough. For different irrigation lines, the location requirements are also different, and you need to pay special attention when checking the document.
7. The thickness of the font is based on different printing methods to meet the minimum printing requirements. Otherwise, there will be unclear printing, blurring, and affecting consumers' reading. This is unacceptable. Therefore, during the document inspection, once it is found, it needs to be proposed and adjusts.
8. Determine the effect of optical oil. Light oil generally has two effects: bright and matte. It is necessary to confirm whether the overall and partial light or matte effect.
9. Confirm the accuracy of the capacity and place of origin.
10. If it is a product produced in China, pay attention to the QS logo.
In addition, for the difficulty of printing effects, early warning should be proposed for the flaws that may be generated. The grasp of printing colors is also benevolent. The wise sees wisdom. It is best to have Pantone numbers and print colors for reference.
Before printing, a detailed inspection of the manuscript can avoid many omissions and unnecessary losses, which is very important and necessary.
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