What Are The Characteristics Of Screen Printing In Cosmetic Tube Printing?
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What Are The Characteristics Of Screen Printing In Cosmetic Tube Printing?

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Update time : 2023-03-17 15:47:48
The printing process in the production of cosmetic tubes is usually offset printing and silk screen printing (also called screen printing). As a method of secondary processing of plastic products, silk screen printing is used to improve the appearance and decoration of plastic products and reflect the functional requirements of plastic products. This requires screen printing to do the following:

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(1) Strong adhesion and good wear resistance.
(2) The handwriting and patterns have high definition and bright colors.
(3) The screen printing position must be accurate and the dimensional accuracy must be high.
Screen printing of plastic products has the characteristics of diversity and flexibility. The following aspects need to be considered in printing:
(1) The dimensional accuracy of plastic products and the variability of product dimensions.
(2) Plastic products before printing need surface treatment. Chemical agents are usually used to decontaminate the surface of plastic products, and polypropylene products also need surface roughening treatment to improve the bonding force of ink and plastic.
(3) The screen printing plate should choose a screen with high stability and strong solvent resistance, and pay attention to controlling the appropriate stretching tension. Because the appearance of plastic products is mostly a curved surface, the stretching of the screen during printing changes greatly, and it is easy to be damaged. Appropriate stretching tension is conducive to improving the quality of plate making and printing.
(4) Ink for plastic screen printing has the characteristics of solvent resistance, friction resistance, light resistance and fast drying speed.
(5) In the printing process, the requirements for printing pressure, printing speed and drying speed are relatively high.
(6) Some moldings are subjected to high temperature treatment after screen printing.
(7) Since a large amount of waste gas is produced during the printing and drying process, care must be taken to keep the workshop well ventilated.
(8) Plastic products are prone to static electricity, so it is necessary to install static eliminators or take other measures to eliminate static electricity to ensure normal printing.
Plastic products come in a variety of forms, most of which are curved products. At present, with the development of plastic screen printing, direct printing on the surface of curved plastic products has become possible. Using curved screen printing to complete plastic surface decoration has the following characteristics:
(1) Printed graphics are durable
As long as it is printed properly on plastic products, the graphics and text can be kept for a long time, which is longer than the durability of the label. Graphics and texts will not be damaged due to changes in ambient temperature and humidity.
(2) Strong visual impact
There are many types of screen printing inks, such as glossy, matte, fluorescent, and UV inks, can be printed on plastic bottles to obtain rich effects. UV ink is used for printing, the imprint after curing is clear, has a certain gloss, strong texture, and the text description is clear at a glance. The screen printing ink layer is thick and thick, and the printed graphics are conspicuous.
(3) Flexible production
After the plastic container processing factory configures the curved surface screen printing production line, it can realize the assembly line production of bottle forming and printing. Reasonably arrange operations according to the customer's order requirements, and will not delay the customer's delivery due to the delivery constraints of the purchased printed labels. In addition, it is easy to change products, and for plastic bottles with small runs, the printing plate can be changed quickly, which shortens the lead time.
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